Bill Pelkey knows ‘both sides of the street’ when it comes to creating great sales copy that could (and often does) fall under the unforgiving eyes of government regulators–particularly in health-related fields. He’s a smart, practical guy that can eliminate hours of agonizing beforehand, and protect you from nasty surprises after- the-fact. He helped me tremendously on my first full-fledged health-product VSL, and I recommend him highly!

David Garfinkel

Best-Selling Author, Breakthrough Copywriting

Is your marketing up to the task of increasing your bottom line EVERY time you hit “send”?

When the attention span of your prospects, leads, and clients or customers is waning, is every word of your copy pulling it’s own weight?

Whether sales letters, email and autoresponder copy, landing, opt-in, and squeeze pages, or even social media, you’ve only got a few seconds to grab their attention and draw them into your offer. Your copy is where the “rubber meets the road”. You can’t afford not to make sure every word counts.

Your marketing copy is the lifeblood of your business, whether your business is entirely online, or also have a brick and mortar business.

I’m Bill Pelkey, and I’ll help you write copy that will squeeze every last little bit out of your campaign.

I write copy for businesses that GETS RESULTS.

For example, a short email series I recently wrote for a client nearly TRIPLED the expected paid enrollments for a webinar series. The clients were ECSTATIC!!!

Or, maybe you’re an alternative health information product or supplement marketer, and you spend sleepless nights wondering whether your latest email campaign is going to risk you being fitted for an orange jumpsuit…

With nearly 18 years’ experience in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and medical device industries, I KNOW what you can say in your marketing, and what you can’t. I’ll promise you, the attorney reviewing your alternative health marketing materials won’t be chain-chewing antacids.

Solutions for your business

  • Content that engages
  • Copy that converts
  • Coaching that lasts

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All Done For You

Attorney?  Veterinarian?  Physician?  Chiropractor?  Small business owner/operator?

You should check out my “All Done For You” plan.  Each one is custom-designed to fit your needs.

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Can’t quite figure out what to do next?

Want to run a webinar? Need social media to REALLY start paying off for you? Or, just need another set of eyes to look at your marketing?

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